The house plot is a place where a person rests from the bustle of the city, enjoys nature and spends time with family and friends. It is very important to provide here an atmosphere that is comfortable for rest and that is conducive to communication. To give the territory an attractive appearance, it is necessary to pay attention to details. One of such important details is lighting. Lanterns will create a special atmosphere and ensure safe movement around the site in the dark.

There are three types of llamas for lighting that are common for mass use:

  • incandescent bulbs - familiar to all products. Compared to more modern types, they have such disadvantages as a short service life and an increased consumption of resources. The positive characteristics include low cost and wide availability;
  • fluorescent lamps were only recently considered a completely new type of home lighting. They last longer than previous ones and consume less electricity. The price rises significantly. It is possible to purchase products that give a different shade of light: warm or cold. The disadvantages include the high cost, compared with the “light bulbs Ilyich” and the need for proper disposal. It is very important to remember that a fluorescent lamp is also dangerous if it is not properly disposed of, such as a mercury thermometer or a battery;
  • LED lights have recently become popular. They are devoid of both the disadvantages of incandescent lamps (service life, energy consumption), and luminescent (disposal). As well as the previous type of lighting can give a warm or cold light. Energy consumption is reduced even in comparison with fluorescent lighting. Theoretically, in such lamps there are no elements that can fail (filament, special gas). Light energy is obtained using a special electronic device. Due to this, manufacturers give a sufficiently long warranty period for such lamps. This is the most expensive of the three types of lighting when buying a device, but the most economical during operation.

There is also the option of using solar garden lamps. But in this case it is necessary to take into account the climatic features of the area and the number of sunny days per year. Such eco-friendly lights may be useless in some regions of the country. And cheap models of insufficient power to illuminate even a small area around them.

Even before the organization of lighting, you need to resolve the issue of the power supply system and lamp adjustment. Much in this matter depends on the type of lamps, the required level of illumination and the location of the light source. For example, solar lights are recommended for landscape lighting, because their location does not depend on the location of the electrical cable.

For conventional incandescent lamps installed along the track, you can use the standard mains voltage - 220V. But to illuminate water bodies and fountains, it is better to stay on special lighting, which requires low voltage - about 12V.

As a rule, network-powered luminaires are used only if the area is small or to illuminate the local area. In other cases, solar-powered garden lamps are more popular.

In order to turn your garden into a cozy fabulous corner at night, you need to think through a few important points. First of all, here you should not overdo it: if the whole territory is flooded with bright light, the effect will not turn out the way we would like. Even in the house you will feel as if in the palm of your hand in front of everyone around you. Not to mention that such pleasure will pour into a tidy penny. But the real art of design lighting can be considered the result when the light literally transforms the site. He emphasizes certain details that may seem completely inexpressive in the daytime. At the same time, another task is being solved, a purely practical one. Due to this, all the space acquires new features, the same fabulous and mysterious image, and you can walk through the night garden without fearing that somewhere there is a risk of breaking the forehead. Of course, to achieve a similar effect it is not enough to arrange lamps and lanterns chaotically. It is worth getting acquainted with small design tricks in order to correctly place accents and illuminate all the important corners.

The most important task, thanks to which it will be not only beautiful, but also safe in a kindergarten - to make lighting of all the tracks in it. It is worth considering what corners you need to walk in the dark. And the appropriate paths need to be illuminated. But how the lighting is made here will determine the final appearance of the entire territory. You can choose the easiest and fastest option - place small lamps along the entire path. This method is suitable even when the whole kindergarten is fully equipped. If you are only engaged in establishing order in your area, then it is worth considering a more original solution. For example, setting up a track with tiles, you can insert into it at a certain distance elements into which the LEDs are embedded. The effect will be amazing, because at night you will in fact be walking along luminous stones!

In addition to the tracks, in the kindergarten it is necessary to emphasize separate functional areas. This is a recreation area or terrace, pond or original flower bed. Such places can be distinguished very original. For example, your garden plot will look bright and unusual if you hang a garland consisting of several lanterns. Such a choice will also be practical. After all, a lighting fixture consisting of several lanterns or luminous balls connected in one circuit will illuminate a large space. You can fix the garland between the trees or other supports that are at hand. If you decorate the corners of the rest with retro lamps, you can give such zones a romance spirit. When you need to light a separate item, then the lighting fixture will suit more in an unusual form. This may be a gnome or a bunch of grapes, a tiny house or a small puppy, who seemed to protect your territory correctly. The original solution is offered by some gardeners who hang not only electric lamps, but also lanterns, which are inserted into ordinary candles, over the garden space. Their special shimmering light will create a unique atmosphere. Such a move is especially relevant for those who like to organize evening tea in the garden.